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It is a process application which offers efficiency to plastic polymer groups and facilitates performance of the products.

ANTIBLOCKING ADDITIVES: They create gaps between polyolefin films to prevent adhesion and blocking.
ANTIMICROBIAL ADDITIVES: It prevents growth of bacteria, fungi etc. microorganisms on the polymer.
SLIP ADDITIVES:Polyolefin filmlerin birbirleri üzerinde kaymasını sağlayarak rahat açılmasını sağlar.
ANTISTATIC ADDITIVES: Prevents accumulation of Static electricity charge on the plastic.
FLAME RETARDANT ADDITIVES:Prevents combustion of plastic or its progress even if it catches fire.
UV STABILIZER & ABSORBER ADDITIVES:Delays structural, visual deterioration of the polymer due to UV effect and time, in relation with the usage ratio
ANTIOXIDANT ADDITIVES: Delays structural, visual deterioration of the polymer due to oxygen in the air, UV effect and time, in relation with the usage ratio
PROCESSING AID ADDITIVES: Ensures surface smoothness and energy saving with the effect it creates on the surface of the machine when polymer is being processed.
OPTICAL WHITENER ADDITIVES:It offers additional whiteness and brightness in cases where whiteness of plastic is considered to be insufficient.
LASER MARKING ADDITIVES:Ensures that a certain result is obtained during the process of marking plastic with laser.
OXO - BIODEGRADABLE ADDITIVES: It accelerates photo- and thermo-oxidative decompositions of the polyolefin plastics it is used in, occurring with the effect of sunlight and heat and allows quicker decomposition of the final product that contains it, in the nature.


Usage Areas

Film, Injection, Extrusion, Blowing